Build more representative models of
your reservoir fluids.

A reliable black oil simulator is developed, for petroleum engineers, to provide a full description of fluids behavior under any conditions.

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In petroleum industry, PVT properties are always required for reserves estimation and performance prediction, that's why it's vital to obtain the most representative model for the existing fluid. And that's why PVT Solver is introduced, help in modeling your reservoir fluid properties effectively. By using this software solution, you will be able to calculate and match all gas, oil, and water properties.

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Simple, intuitive interface designed to handle and process your data more efficiently.

Use PVT Solver to analyze fluids behavior.. in five steps!

If you can make a list or create a table, you can use PVT Solver.

Define the system

  • Select the type of fluid to analyze.
  • Determine the group of correlations to use.
  • Set the system of units and their range of validation.

Input data

  • Determine the operating separation system in the field.
  • Enter the field parameters related to that system.
  • Import the lab data, if available, to match.

Match performance

  • Select any of the shown correlations for each property.
  • Visualize the models versus actual data.
  • Manipulate matching modifiers till achieve the best match.

Calculate properties

  • Select any of the shown correlations for each property.
  • Define the range of calculation points by defining
    temperature and pressure limits.

Obtain results

  • Export the calculated properties to any file format to be involved in further engineering applications.
  • Report your input and calculated data to a PDF file.

Experience unique features

Built for quick, easy analysis and for more accurate results.

Instant calculations

All fluid properties are calculated and plotted instantly on the same layout.

Best match

Achieve the best match for your lab data with just one click.

Multiple curves

Visualize and compare multiple correaltion trends instantly on the same chart.

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