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10 PVT properties that you can calculate online for free.

All the dry gas properties depend on the gas z factor. Therefore, the gas z factor is the most important property to calculate.

Gas Formation Volume Factor

An analytical equation is used to calculate the gas formation volume factor. However, this equation relies on the gas z factor.

Oil Bubble Point Pressure

Firstly, calculate the bubble point pressure. That's because any other black oil property depends on this property.

Solution Gas-Oil Ratio

Secondly, calculate the solution gas-oil ratio. That's because it's directly affecting all the subsequent black oil properties.

Oil Formation Volume Factor

Use the most popular correlations to calculate the oil formation volume factor. To clarify, used for saturated reservoirs.

Oil Viscosity

For instance, the Bergman-Sutton (2006-2009) correlations are used to calculate the oil viscosity at any reservoir pressure.

Oil Density

Similarly, the oil density depends on the correlations used for the solution gas-oil ratio and the oil formation volume factor.

Oil Compressibility

The values estimated for oil compressibility at pressures below the bubble point pressure are based on the listed correlations.

Total Formation Volume Factor

The estimation of the total (two-phase) formation volume factor is based on an analytical equation.

Gas-Oil Surface Tension

Finally, the Asheim (1989) correlation, for instance, requires values for both the gas and oil formation volume factors.

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